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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files, that are stored in your browser so that we can see that your computer, smartphone, tablet or similar have been connected to this website. Cookies may have several different purposes and may for example be used for storage of preferences or recording statistics regarding your activity while connected to the website.

Overview of the use of cookies for this website

Cookies that are necessary

Certain cookies are necessary in order to deliver a service that you have explicitly requested. One example could be a login request.

Cookies for your preferences

These cookies are intended to give you the best possible experience visiting this website. Examples are cookies, that record your navigation at the website, choices i boxes etc. None of this recorded information can be identify you personally.

Cookies for optimizing and opration

These cookies are use for gathering statistics regarding trafic to and from the website and similar. These cookies can identify you as a user, but only to a cetain extent. These cookies will not be used to collect data on the individual user. Data from these cookies are used in connection with Google Analytics, MetaTraffic or similar analytical tools. Such data will be made available for servers placed in Denmark and other countries. You can decline using cookies from Google Analytics here:

You can remove cookies from your browser in this way

Cookies can be removed via the settings in your browser. Please bear in mind that removal of cookies may affect the functionality of websites you visit. Below you will find links that show how to remove cookies from you browser:

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