Clinical Data on file

Central venous setting

Blue curve: Continuous Diramo signal. Red stars: Blood gas sample values.
24 hour calibration interval.

This patient has undergone open heart surgery prior to entering the ICU
Complying with clinic policy this patient received insulin (bolus injections and IV) throughout his stay in the ICU, starting when bloodgas data showed more than 200 mg/dL (11,1 mM).

Summary, Central venous clinical data

Accuracy: Clarke Error Grid, Reference: YSI
10 ICU Patients underwent open heart surgery
Central venous access. Max. 72 hours implantation

Clarke Error Grid for 10 patients. N = 359 YSI reference blood samples
Start of day calibration, 24 hours calibration interval.

Area A: 355 (98,9 %); Area B: 4 (1,1 %)
MARD 4,1 %