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Flowsion is a medical device company focused on the design, development and commercialization of a product platform specifically for the in-hospital automated glucose control and continuous glucose monitoring market. Our initial focus is on the development of an intravenous sensor specifically for tight glycemic control (TGC) in the critical care market.

The Diramo system is intended to continuously measure, record and track the blood glucose level (BGL) in critically ill patients (i.e., those patients under intensive-care treatment within an ICU).

The Glycostat system takes this a step further. Building on the Diramo platform it measures the blood glucose level continuously, and controls the blood glucose level automatically by varying the insulin infusion rate by means of an advanced algorithm and control of the insulin infusion pump

The Glycostat system is intended to measure and automatically control blood glucose in venous blood as well as provide information to health-care professionals on current glucose levels and to provide appropriate alarms and trends in case of hypo- and hyperglycaemic readings by the device.

Protection of our intellectual property is a strategic priority for our business. We rely on a combination of patent, copyright and other intellectual property laws, trade secrets, nondisclosure agreements and other measures to protect our proprietary rights.

Flowsions technology is protected by

       5 issued US and PTC patents and had
       9 additional U.S. and PTC patent applications pending.
       More patent applications will be drafted going forward.

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